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Forklift Tickets – Forklift Courses

The Forklift is the most common load shifting piece of machinery in the world, and is used in nearly every industry.

Training and AssessmentFORKLIFT

Training — We come to your workplace or you can take advantage of our facilities! Undertake a 1-2* day forklift course, in which you must satisfy national standards, our formal forklift training is competency based and covers all aspects of the Forklift; including legislation requirements and servicing. Full training!

Forklift Log Book Training — You may choose the forklift logbook training pathway, in which a forklift log book will be issued to you. You will need to accumulate logbook hours at your workplace under supervision of a person that holds a WPHS licence for the forklift you are training on. Alternatively you could use our facilities, equipment and trainers to accumulate hours for your forklift ticket.

A1 Machinery & Training, Australia can assist in helping you choose your pathway to a forklift ticket.

Assessment — On completion of forklift log book hours, or, with the ability to recognition of previous learning (RPL)*, call us for an assessment. An A1 Machinery & Training assessor will return to your work place for your final assessment which will take approximately 1 hour per person.

An assessment summery will be issued to you; which covers you for the period of 60 days. A statement of attainment and assessment summary will be sent to workplace health and safety Queensland on your behalf. Your forklift license will be posted within 60 days of assessment.

Don’t make a decision until you call us first.
*PHONE TERRY: 0419 394 100