Dump Truck Licence  Conduct Haul/Dump Truck Operations 

Dump Truck TrainingA Haul/Dump truck is used for transporting loose material i.e. sand, gravel, ore, coal. A typical dump truck is equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear, the front of which can be lifted up to allow the contents to be deposited on the ground behind the truck at the site of delivery.This unit of compentency for Conducting Haul Truck Operations in the resource and infrastructure industries include: planning and preparing for operations; operating the haul truck; loading, hauling and dumping materials; and carrying out post operational procedures.

Dump Truck Training

Undertake a short course, in which you must satisfy national standards in order to be granted a Haul/Dump Truck License. Formal training is competency based and covers all aspects of the Dump/Haul Truck operations. Full training including legislation requirements, servicing and mining production operation simulation.

Log Book Training

You may choose the logbook training pathway; and if so a log book will be issued to you. You will need to accumulate logbooks hours at your workplace; under supervision of a person that holds a WPHS licence for the machine you are training on or use our facilities...

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