Dozer Tickets – Dozer Training


Training — Undertake a 2-4 day course, in which you must satisfy national standards in order to be granted a Dozer ticket. Formal training is competency based and covers all aspects of the Dozer. Full training including legislation requirements, servicing and daily operation.


Log Book Training — You may choose the logbook training pathway, and if so a log book will be issued to you, in which you will need to accumulate logbooks hours at your workplace; under supervision of a person that holds a WPHS licence for the machine you are training on or use our facilities, equipment and trainers to accumulate hours. A1 Machinery & Training, Australia can assist in helping you choose your pathway to a Dozer ticket.


Assessment — On completion of log book hours, or, Recognition of Previous Learning (RPL)*, call us for an assessment. If you have previous experience and can provide logbook details, an A1 Machinery & Training assessor can determine the pathway to get you your Dozer ticket.